cypherMe - Cypher your passwords ... and get two-factor paper passwords

Although more as a side project, daten&bass is proud to introduce cypherMe - a proof of concept app for client-side created two-factor paper passwords.


The idea goes back to this blog post by John Graham-Cumming:


Two-factor paper passwords are save to write down. They might be considered as a means for an off-line, non-digital password manager.

cypherMe helps (de)cyphering without storing.


Open source: Source code and license
Stack: Server-side NodeJS for serving HTML, statelesss client-side Javascript for cyphers, and Docker for deployment.
Available cyphers: Caesar, Reverse Word, Reverse Word and Case, Vigenère.
Password transformations: Completedly client-side (via Javascript in browser).


Password to encrypt: !2MySitePw§9
Cypher: Reverse word and case
Repititions: 2
The (encrypted) password: 9§WpETIsYm2!9§WpETIsYm2!

Further examples and information can be found here.