New Docker Cheat Sheet - Complete Rewrite for Docker Version 1.13

This new version of our Docker Cheat Sheet is again structured by Compute, Network, Storage but now substructured by Docker CLI, Dockerfile, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm. It now tries (if possible) to summarize in a condensed way the different ways for using containers throughout the Docker ecosystem.

So from a quick docker run on Docker CLI up to complex service deployments via Docker Compose and up to the newly introduced docker stack command for Docker Swarm everything is covered on one sheet.

Main Structure

As with Docker Compose the main structure is:


Everything about services (e.g. web, lb, db) provided through containers. This section is similar to "Services" in Docker Compose.


This section is similar to "Networks" in Docker Compose and covers the most important network capabilities.


This section is similar to "Volumes" in Docker Compose and shows the most important ways handle stateful (persistent data) aspects in a usually ephemeral (transient) container infrastructure.


With this rewrite the substructure has been changed to:

Docker CLI

Basic commands for operating with pulled-in images on the docker cli.


If possible and reasonable, it shows how to achieve the same effect(s ... or more) via self-built images based on a dockerfile.

Docker Compose

If possible and reasonable, it shows how to move from images to (bundled) service definitions in a docker compose file.

Docker Swarm

If possible and reasonable, these bundled services can be deployed as docker stack to a cluster-capable docker swarm.

Other aspects

Everything else from the old version, which no longer fits the new structure is gathered here.

Further information

The Docker Cheat Sheet is available on Github: