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Setting Up A Sample Scrapy Pipeline For CouchDB

As I was surprised that there is not much (recent) information out there on using CouchDB (which appears to me as far underestimated DB) with Scrapy this post demonstrates the very basic steps it takes to set up a Scrapy pipeline for CouchDB which directly imports all scraped items via the python-cloudant CouchDB client. >>

arne on nosql, couchdb, python | 13 MARCH 2021

Using NFS for Development on Mac OS with a Bare-Metal Linux Docker Host Bind Mount

This post describes how to develop on a relatively weak MacBook Air (without the M1 chip ;->) with Mac OS and let the containers run natively on a relatively strong bare-metal Intel NUC with Manjaro Linux (connected via the DOCKER_HOST ENV VAR) on the same local network. >>

arne on docker, linux, mac os | 11 DECEMBER 2020

Fixing Docker Command Auto Completion in Mac OS Catalina

After having upgraded to Mac OS Catalina the configuration of docker auto completion for both bash and zsh as suggested here will no longer work - probably due to the read-only system volume. >>

arne on docker, mac os | 16 OCTOBER 2019

Data Exploration In BASH

Sometimes it is necessary to do some initial exploration in huge data files like a .csv without a GUI: Sometimes you might only have a terminal window but no GUI application like Excel or an Editor available or sometimes the files are just so big that it takes ages for them to load and/or work with them in a GUI application. >>

arne on nosql, linux | 22 MAY 2019

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