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Import CSV Data into Redis with a Single CLI Command

A few weeks back at talpasolutions I needed - only for performance testing purposes - to import a .tsv file (round about 600,000 lines with time-stamped sensor data in 15 columns) to see how Redis handles it (especially memory wise). As it turned out the import is feasible with a single, one-(long)-line cli command. >>

arne on nosql, redis, linux | 12 FEBRUARY 2019

Playing Around with Redis 5 - LOLWUT

This is a post you do not need to read. There is no why in it. Just art. With Redis 5, besides the new native data type streams, a new tradition was initiated: The (technologically) use-/reasonless LOLWUT command. >>

arne on redis, nosql | 31 OCTOBER 2018

Serving a vue-cli Production Build on a Sub-Path with Nginx

Following two previous blog posts on using vue-cli with Docker this post now covers on how to do a production build of a vue-cli based app and how to deliver it via an nginx web server, especially on a (non-root) sub-path. >>

arne on vuejs, nodejs, docker | 30 SEPTEMBER 2018

Getting Started with vue-cli on Docker

Now that vue-cli as "the standard tooling baseline for the Vue ecosystem" has recently been released as stable in v3.x. here is a linear walk-through on how to use it in dockerized environment: Although the documentation for vue-cli is excellent - as always in vuejs - this post walks you through the minimum steps. >>

arne on vuejs, nodejs, docker | 31 AUGUST 2018

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