data needs bass.



With a holistic view on IT and software daten&bass is a tech start-up in the course of incorporation in the heart of the Ruhr Area focussing on the integration of data, development, and deployment.


After a decade in software & IT operations, research and consulting daten&bass as a project is the result of the belief that IT is changing fundamentally given recent developments ...


By the confluence of

  • cloud (standardized IT outsourcing on-demand and on general terms instead of individual, lengthy negotiations),
  • standardized (and widely used) protocols such as TCP/HTTP for intercompany communication,
  • and finally containers (some MB instead of hundreds of GB with written manifest for reliable deployment anywhere)

IT at present is on the verge of fundamental changes.

If others say: "Docker is a game-changer" ... it might be substantiated by: "Maybe container technology is for IT what Gutenberg has been for printing". It is now easily possible (technically and legally) and (economically) attractive to build, provide, and move bundled IT services anywhere.


As these changes keep manifesting daten&bass wants to provide software and services by implementing a new stack primarily consisting of NoSQL databases, NodeJS as software framework, and Docker containers as deployment to embrace these changes.